What’s It All About?

Hi, I’m Paul.

The “welcome” post covers most of what you may wish to know. This fills in the rest.

This blog tells my journey from being an intolerable social outsider to integration with society and happiness in life.
The reason? Because if you’re reading this, it’s for you; we’re on the same road. And
I invite you to join me and share your own tales along this road. See, if we compare maps we’ll both get there better and faster, right?
I’m showing you mine, so show me yours by leaving some useful comments.

Since the Internet is a weird place, I won’t post a real picture (sorry) but this is what Simpsonize Me made of my headshot. It reflects my essence fairly well.

Appin simp wm

Apart from the insecure smile, the creepy gaze, the… you know what, forget it.


I live in Hamburg, Germany, married, with three children.
I studied psychology with a side of counseling, then worked as a coach-for-hire for state-run training projects.
Then I joined the Army because it was literally less gruelling. Today I’m
a welfare case manager. And I’m here. At least you guys listen. Or at the very least you can’t yell at me or upend my desk.

The name of this blog… was chosen largely because I found a well-hung peach at the grocery store and just had to snap a picture. Things kind of evolved from there. And yes, I know that a vagina is way more hardy than balls. But this is not about being/acting/becoming the toughest, it’s about surviving while remaining the delicate you.

What else…

Oh yeah, the legal shit.

Any pictures displayed are trademarked by their respective creators and/or owners. Pics watermarked “ballsified…” were shot by myself. If there´s someone else´s logo, credit duly goes to them – you can usually click straight through to their sites. If you claim ownership please step forward so credit can go where it’s due, or the pic be promptly removed if so desired.

Hallo trashcan wm
My inbox awaits.

As well,

under German jurisdiction you are responsible not just for your own site´s content but also for the sites you link to. Unless you distance yourself loudly from anything and everything, which is what I hereby do. I´m not my brother blogger´s (blother’s? brogger’s?) keeper.
Nor is it my fault if a link offends or turns out not to be SFW. There is no masking of links here so you can tell in advance where it leads. I won’t try to screw you.

About that,

you still shouldn’t take everything I say at face value. Stay critical. Some (or all) of my stuff may not work out for you. No warrancy on psychological stuff. Like, ever.


Expect frankness. If, at any point in this blog, I offend you… apologies in advance. Comments are open.

So there. Enjoy.

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